Submission deadline: June 10th 2012

The capabilities of smartphones and other mobile/hand-held devices are increasingly being exploited to bring vision-based mobile applications to the user. Applications such as visual search and image retrieval, face recognition, augmented reality, marker-based tagging, gesture recognition, and video data streaming are altering the way we interact with the world around us.

This full-day workshop aims to address the fundamental vision-based technologies that enable new interaction modalities and metaphors. We also would like to encourage the exploration of new radical or experimental interactions as well as new design concepts and application scenarios. Our aim is to promote a cross-disciplinary discussion between computer vision researchers, HCI researchers, and practitioners of either field. The aim is to highlight and elaborate the potential of computer vision as an enabling technology for new forms of mobile interaction, applications and implications for user experience and design.


Workshop at MobileHCI,
September 21, 2012
San Fransisco, USA